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Grant writing and operations consultants for growing organizations with vision and local impact that punch above their weight.

Monarch helps non-profits, companies, and local governments fund and implement programs that better communities as a whole. We've raised over $25 million for organizations in Missouri - taking the guesswork out of their budgets and schedules while letting them focus on their mission.

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Zach and his team are so professional. Grant writing has become such a science over the years and we they help simplify that whole process for us. They help us with all of our grants and in seeking new ones, and we wouldn't know what to do without them. We are truly grateful to have them as a member of our team!
Judith Kile, Executive Director, COPE

Outside your wheelhouse? It's in ours.

From grant writing, to planning, to execution — Monarch is a right hand to organizations with work outside of their core competencies and mission. Whether you need funding for innovative change, the voice of experience for new development, or help smoothing operations that always seem rushed, Monarch brings lessons learned from dozens of organizations to ensure the success of yours.

Our focus is on working with small organizations that need the expertise of a veteran grant writer and advisor, but don't have the familiarity to hire one in-house. The spin-up time required to become familiar with a funder and their application process is distributed among all of our clients, letting us work more efficiently than many in-house writers can. We look for multi-year partnerships with our clients, accumulating organizational knowledge and relationships that let us act with increasing independence and agency - the longer you contract with us, the more seamless our service. We maintain a manageable client-to-consultant ratio, ensuring that we can be proactive rather than reactive. And our plans for clients always build in plans for self-reliance.

Grant Development

Guaranteed return on investment through grants written and submitted entirely by us on your behalf. Leverage our experience with dozens of funders to win opportunities you didn't know you had. Research, application, submission, and post-award; it's all included. We'll take care of the legalese - you focus on your mission.

Strategic Planning

Think strategically about your organization's future in light of Monarch's knowledge. We provide information and a frame of reference from which to build, plan for, and fulfill your vision. For regular clients, think of this as a drip feed of scheduled information and advice to make the right deadlines, decisions, and considerations - all without distracting you from your day-to-day operations.

Grants, Simplified

Offload the burden of finding, applying for, and monitoring grants. Tell us your needs and we'll guide you to grants that are a good fit. Fire and forget - we'll take care of information gathering, drafting, and submission.

We're the only consulting firm in the nation that guarantees funding for our fee and one of few major firms that offers comprehensive grant services. And when it's time to submit updates or claims and plan for next year, you'll have our advisement every step of the way.


Survey current grant-making trends, select opportunities that are the best fit, and draft a timeline of application and award dates.


We'll write, review, edit, and submit all grant proposals that have been approved by the client's leadership and provide guidance on the development of new and existing organization projects based on the funding available.


Follow-up paperwork and submissions are part of the package. For those needing help applying award funds effectively, we can help there too.

Relationships, not just contracts.

Where many agencies work on a grant by grant basis, we raise the industry bar by maintaining long-term relationships with clients to fund entire budgets through a schedule of grants. And with a history of development success, Monarch can lend a hand where needed to keep your program running smoothly.

Once funding is secured, we're not out the door. The flat fee for our writing also keeps us on retainer. From planning to development, research to policy — you have all the insight you need to understand the year ahead.

Local to the communities we help.

Based in central Rolla, Missouri, Monarch works within communities and grows alongside them. Team members work from Rolla and St. Louis, and frequent the towns, cities, and organizations we work to improve.

We aim to feel different than other agencies by becoming a trusted partner rather than a transient contract. Success for us is a program that makes a better place to live in. For organizations with the same aim, you won't find a better partner than us.

Our History …

Monarch was born out of a consortium of researchers at the Missouri University of Science & Technology. Our leadership had worked with dozens of prestigious consulting firms around the country. Those firms would only write a portion of the proposal without gathering other pertinent  information and charge outrageous sums to do so. Knowing that there had to be a more effective way to help organizations, we started writing proposals for clients in 2014. Since then, we have quickly ascended to become a leader in our field.

Our process is simple. We offer our clients a 3:1 ROI guarantee over the agreement period or their money back while managing all their grant activities. We send representatives to our clients' places of business and literally work along side them every step of the way as opposed to some remote office in a major city. Through this simple yet effective process we have met our ROI guarantee on every single partnership and have freed their leadership up to focus on community engagement, vision, and strategic leadership.

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